Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hash Browns

ingredients = {
:potatoes => 3,
(:olive_oil or :vegetable_oil or :butter) => 3.tbsp,
:chili_powder => you.decide, # I like to use a fair bit of chili powder,
# but it is slightly spicy so you may not
:oregano => you.decide,
:salt => you.decide

unless :potato_skins
you.peel :potatoes

you.slice :potatoes, :into =>

pan << :oil
pan.element.set_heat :medium

you.wait 1.minute

pan << :sliced_potatoes

you.stir until potatoes.slightly_coated?

pan << :chili_power << :oregano << :salt

10.minutes do
# you have to stir constantly or the potatoes get stuck to the
# bottom of the pan, or they might burn
you.stir :constantly, :with => :wooden_spoon

break if potatoes.cooked?

you.wait until not

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