Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Asian Chicken with Rice

My has it been a long time since I posted anything! I temporarily lost my will to experiment with cooking and ended up eating some rather boring food over the course of the last year (or eating the wonderful things that my girlfriend cooked up for me of course). However tonight I was cooking something new and finally remembered to post it, so let's hope we get a new batch of recipes going!

This one has a very delicious sauce, hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do:

require 'white_rice'

ingredients = {
  :white_rice => 0.5.recipe,
  :chicken_breast => 1,
  :soy_sauce => 1.tbsp,
  :sherry => 2.tbsp,
  :egg => 1,
  :corn_starch => 1.tbsp

if :onion
  ingredients[:onion] = 1
elsif :onion_powder
  ingredients[:onion_powder] = 0.5.tsp

if you.want?
  # you can add stuff to the white rice just by sticking it in the pot
  # while it cooks
  you.make :white_rice, :with => [:corn, :peas, :chopped_spinach]
  you.make :white_rice

bowl << :soy_sauce << :sherry << :egg

if ingredients.key? :onion
  you.chop :onion, :finely
  bowl << :onion
elsif ingredients.key? :onion_powder
  bowl << :onion_powder

you.mix bowl.contents

you.slice :chicken

bowl << :chicken << :corn_starch

you.mix bowl.contents

pan.element.set_heat :medium

pan << bowl.contents

until pan.contents.cooked?
  you.mix pan.contents
  pan << :water if pan.contents.too_thick?

plate << :rice
plate << pan.contents