Monday, April 19, 2010

Mac and Cheese

ingredients = {
:macaroni => 3.cups,
:milk => 2.cups,
:flour => 0.25.cups,
:salt => 0.75.tsp,
:garlic_powder => 0.75.tsp,
:grated_cheese => 1.cup

# first the mac
pot << :water
pot.element.set_heat :high

you.wait until water.boiling?

pot << :macaroni

you.stir pot.contents

# now the cheese
small_pot << :milk << :flour << :garlic_powder << :salt

you.stir small_pot.contents, :with => :whisk

small_pot.element.set_heat :medium_low

you.stir small_pot.contents until small_pot.contents.thick?

small_pot.element.set_heat :off
small_pot << :cheese
you.stir until cheese.melted?

# now mix the two

you.wait until pot.contents.cooked?


pot << small_pot.contents

you.stir pot.contents

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Refried Black Beans

ingredients = {
:cooked_black_beans => 3.cups,
:olive_oil => 3.tbsp,
:garlic => 2.cloves

you.chop :garlic

pan << :oil
pan.set_heat :medium

you.wait 30.seconds

pan << :garlic

you.wait 1.minute, :stirring => :occasionally

pan << :beans

until beans.mashed?
pan.contents.mash :with => :back_of_spoon

pan << :oil if necessary?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Paté Chinois

This is a variant of the shepherd's pie recipe I posted a while back, courtesy of Julie:
require 'mashed_potatoes'

ingredients = {
:mashed_potatoes => 1.recipe, # do this exactly like in the other recipe
:ground_beef => 0.5.pounds,
:corn => 1.cup
:salt => you.decide
:pepper => you.decide

pan << :ground_beef, :salt, :pepper
pan.element.set_heat :medium

class Meat
def cooked?

until meat.cooked?
you.stir :occasionally, :with => :wooden_spoon

casserole_dish << :meat_mixture
casserole_dish << :corn
you.spread :corn, :evenly
casserole_dish << :mashed_potatoes
you.spread :mashed_potatoes, :evenly

oven.turn_on 350
oven << casserole_dish
you.wait 25.minutes

Friday, April 2, 2010


It seems like every pancake recipe on the Internet either gets the pancakes way too dry or way too wet, and you end up with crappy pancakes. This recipe makes them nice, light and fluffy.
ingredients = {
:flour => 1.cup,
:baking_powder => 3.tbsp,
:salt => 0.5.tsp,
:brown_sugar => 3.tbsp,

:egg => 1,
:milk => 1.25.cups,
(:vegetable_oil or :canola_oil) => 3.tbsp,
:vanilla => 0.25.tsp

bowl << :flour << :baking_powder << :salt << :brown_sugar


bowl << :egg << :milk << :oil << :vanilla


until bowl.empty?
until pan.full?
pan << bowl.remove :pancake_sized_piece

you.wait until pan.contents.cooked?

pan.contents.each do |pancake|

you.wait until pan.contents.cooked?

plate << pan.contents
end :with => (:maple_syrup or :fruit or :yogurt or you.choose)
Also if anybody is interested in submitting a recipe, feel free. They can be in whatever language you like, we don't need to restrict them all to Ruby! The only restriction is that they have to be in a programming language.